Summer Solstice Cacao Ritual



Summer Solstice Ritual: 8 Days of Cacao – A Heart Opening Vessel

What your ritual includes:

  • 8 days of Ceremonial Cacao

  • Personal Cacao cup

  • Amazonite palm stone

  • Flower of Life energetic platform

  • Elevare Florida Water

  • All items attuned by Maggie Taylor

Instructions for Event:

You will also be sent detailed instructions, preparations, journal prompts, zoom links and recordings via email. During our call, Maggie will guide you through the details and answer questions.

Event Schedule:

Day 1: June 20 6pm est

Summer Solstice Ceremony via Live Zoom Ceremony. The ceremony embodies a journey of love, compassion, strength, creation, and community. It reflects a deep passion for life, honoring and respecting Gaia, your intuitive gifts, the elements and Mama Cacao.

Days 2-7: June 21 -26

Daily Ritual that you can do on your time and schedule. You will receive a recorded guided meditation and journal prompts as part of your daily ritual, enhancing your connection to the sacred Cacao and creating from an open heart.

Day 8: June 27 6pm est

Live Zoom Ceremony. After the ceremony concludes and the medicine has worked its magic, we will gather in virtual circle to share our experiences and discuss what’s ahead. Insights and transformations may emerge, accompanied by a deeper connection to your own heart and elevated frequency.

*Day 1 and 8 will be recorded if you are not able to attend live. Attending live is wonderful but not necessary for participation.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine known for its heart-opening properties. Traditionally used in ceremonies by indigenous cultures in Central and South America, Cacao is revered for its ability to foster deep emotional healing and connection. Learn more here:

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, supporting physical health and well-being.Cacao contains compounds that promote the release of endorphins and serotonin, enhancing mood and creating feelings of joy and euphoria. This joyous state complements the celebratory nature of the summer solstice, marking the peak of light and life.

Cacao is known for its ability to open the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love, compassion, and connection. This aligns beautifully with the summer solstice’s themes of renewal, growth, and connection with nature and others.

Why is this during the Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice, occurring onJune 20th in the Northern Hemisphere, marks the longest day of the year, symbolizing the peak of light and warmth. It is a time to celebrate the sun’s energy, which is seen as a source of life, growth, and vitality. Many cultures use the solstice to honor their ancestors and deities associated with the sun, light, and fertility. This can involve offerings, prayers, and ceremonies designed to seek blessings, guidance, and protection.

The solstice is a time of peak energy and light, making it an ideal moment to release any pent-up emotions or negative energies. The cacao ceremony provides a safe space for emotional healing and release, allowing participants to let go of what no longer serves them.

The solstice connects us to our intrinsic connection to nature and the cacao helps to ground participants, bringing a sense of inner peace and centeredness. This grounding effect is essential when harnessing the powerful energy of the solstice, ensuring that it is channeled in a balanced and harmonious way.

What else should I know?

Engaging in an 8-day cacao journey can enhance energy and mood, thanks to theobromine and serotonin, while providing essential nutrients. Emotionally, it opens the heart chakra, promoting deeper emotional awareness and healing. Spiritually, it enhances meditation and intuition, fostering a profound connection with your inner self and nature.

The heart-opening effects of cacao can bring suppressed emotions to the surface. Be prepared for potential emotional intensity and ensure you have supportive practices or people to help you navigate these experiences.

If you’re not accustomed to consuming cacao regularly, your body might need time to adjust. Ensure you stay hydrated and listen to your body’s needs. Ask your Doctor if you have any restrictions.

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