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1st time Visitor

Welcome to Element50!

We are both an in-store and online crystal and rock shopping experience. And we say experience with pride! Our Fairfield, CT shop is a total energy game-changer. If your day is in a nose dive, we almost guarantee a visit to the rock shop will turn things around. We have become a destination for those looking to effect change in their lives, and Element50 could not be more grateful.

This site has been organized deliberately with careful attention paid to share as much of the magic that shopping in person at Element50 can bring. We hope you find just want you are looking for, and if you are having trouble doing so, please contact us, we are thrilled to chat with you!

A Few Shopping Notes

We have categorized our products in many different ways, some obvious, others, we need to share some background.

Just like the Fairfield shop, we have organized our crystals by their assigned Element: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.


Rocks classified as Earth Element stones carry strong grounding, protective energy. Just as you might get via self care rituals like gardening, a walk in the woods, or barefoot in the grass. Color therapy denoted by deep greens, grays, browns and black. Chakra correlations are very often Heart and Root.
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Color therapy brings in all of the blues and the purples. Communication is the main gig for these stones, specifically, they carry attributes that help quell anger and target improving communication skills, with others AND ourselves. Chakra correlations are typically Throat and Crown.
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Pinks, aquas, think beaches and sunsets. Water Element crystals have the important job of aiding in stress reduction and balancing emotions. Chakras aligned are primarily Heart and Third Eye.
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As you might have guessed, red and orange stones are almost always going to be a part of the Fire Element family. And they are here to stoke creative juices, uplift and inspire/motivate. We have got your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras covered here…
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Our 5th element is somewhat difficult to pin point, as you might imagine. The Spirit Element is unique in that, unlike the other 4 elements, no physical representation exists; instead we can employ the concept of a bridge between body and soul. The majority of these crystals will work to align ALL the chakras.
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The beauty of our e-commerce site is that we can keep on organizing our crystals and rocks to further assist you in finding just what you want, or need. The Categories section at the top of the page is chock full of ways to slice and dice your journey with us!