About Us

About Us

About Element50 - Crystals, Gemstones, Jewelry & More

Element50 is a female-owned rock shop, and co-founders Sue Longo and Jen Evanko want to bring the beauty and intentional energy of crystals to your world. We strive to bear witness to, and revel in, the positive shift we know is possible with these beautiful, vibrational tools the Earth has bestowed upon us.

Our plan is singular.  Element50 wants to see you make the ordinary – – extraordinary.

Just a few details about the founders… Sue and Jen are close friends who share much common ground: dance moms who love pretty things, who are on a quest for finding and sharing practical magic. Their years on Earth and its life lessons have shed light on this notion – gratitude and intention are half of the recipe for creating fulfilled life. The other 50% is your mystery to solve…

They are both (in particular order):

Element50 Rock Shop in Fairfield, CT

Sue and Jen co-founded Element50 with one thing in mind. Well, two things:

1. Share the amazing ways crystals can impact your home and family.

2. Have a blast doing it.