Bagua Map Crystal Set


The Bagua Crystal Set was meticulously and intentionally curated to align with the nine areas of the Feng Shui Bagua. Each crystal corresponds to a specific area of life or gua area of your home, enhancing the energy (or chi) in each of those spaces. Carry them with you to enhance your personal chi or place them in the corresponding areas of your home (or room, or desk, or car) to enhance the harmony of your environment.

Career ~> Black Obsidian Moon
Knowledge ~> Lapis Lazuli Cube
New Beginnings/Family ~> Green Aventurine Tower
Wealth/Abundance ~> Ametrine Tower
Fame/Reputation ~> Red Jasper Pyramid
Relationships ~> Rose Quartz Cube
Completion/Children ~> Clear Quartz Sphere
Helpful People/Travel ~> Pyrite Tumbled Stone
Health ~> Golden Healer Cube

Photo: Abby Cole Photography

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