Black Obsidian Bracelet 6mm


Stretch string bracelet.  Average length: 7″

Please note upon check out if you would like us to ship one that is a bit smaller, or larger.  We will try to accommodate you!

B L A C K  O B S I D I A N  

Element: Earth

Chakra: Root


The Obsidian family of rocks are all formed by rapid cooling lava.  A rock born of fire becoming one with Earth.  This is why  Obsidians carry the attributes of both Fire Element (create) and Earth Element (protect).  Black Obsidian can be looked at as the blank slate Obsidian; it has not mingled with other minerals to the point of alteration.  It’s a strong manifesting aid, in our opinion, the best.  Ground yourself and find the drive to make your own version of the magic.

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