Elevare Florida Water Spray by Maggie Taylor


Elevare – the root of Elevation. The word elevate derives from Latin elevare ‘to raise’, based on levis ‘light’, found also in alleviate, ‘lighten’, levity. Elevare is a unique “Florida Water”’ tincture blend that has been created by Spiritual Healer, Maggie Taylor. Florida water has been used in spiritual and meditation practices to alchemize energy to higher frequencies. The Elevare variation holds a particular frequency that allows you to ground deeply to Mother Earth and elevate to Divine frequencies.

Florida Water opens the energy around us to allow unconditional love and diving energy to flow in. The energy generates a peaceful state of being. It can be used for spiritual cleansing, protection and blessings and/or for ceremonial purposes as it uplifts and removes negative energy from people, places and things.

How to use:

Packaged as a room spray, you can simply spray around you or place some in a bowl in any space you’d like to bless, cleanse and protect. This blend has been infused with the mystical energy of the Divine. When you use, you may further activate with your own invocation, think, feel and hold your positive intention in your heart.

There are unlimited ways you can use and you can and should use in any way that aligns with your spiritual practice. Go to www.maggiebyrnetaylor.com for more ideas and information.



Rose Quartz, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Alcohol, Reiki Water, Sandalwood, Frankincense

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