Abundance Wine Charms


4 wine charms make the perfect gift!  3 listed here, and Clear Quartz added on for amplification!

P Y R I T E 

Element: Fire

Chakra: All


Pyrite is best known for being a $$ magnet. But some history on this cool rock expands its repertoire a bit. The name “Pyrite” comes from the Greek word for Fire (as in,  pyre) because if struck with iron, it can create a spark.  And way back when, Pyrite was polished to a high shine to make mirrors. Fire=Motivation  Reflective=Protection (negative energy bounces off me and sticks to you).

M O S S  A G A T E 

Element: Earth

Chakra: Heart


Historically, Moss Agate was known as the Gardener’s Stone, and farmers thought that possession of the rock that looks like moss grows inside of it would bring abundant crops.  The green coloring, in color therapy, denotes the concept of wealth, while its deep connection to the Earth Element provides a stable, grounding effect.

C I T R I N E 

Element: Fire

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus


When you think of gold, you think of strength and riches.  The beautiful golden color of Citrine channels such attributes and is a perfect manifestation tool for its owner’s intentions here.  Its Fire Element ways help pump  the flow of creativity when you need it.  Tip:  Place Citrine in the farthest left corner of your home or office, and be prepared for all the good things…


C L E A R  Q U A R T Z 

Element: Spirit

Chakra: All 


Clear Quartz has quite a mystical history, as well as many modern day practical uses and they so effectively portray its attributes.  Cq was used in crystal balls during the Middle Ages to amplify clairvoyants’ powers of foresight by acting as a focal point. It is still used in timepieces today because its frequency helps to regulate the movements and maintain their accuracy.

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