Blue Moon Augustine Florida Water Spray by Maggie Taylor


New Augustine Florida Water Blue Moon Edition, this is a new variation of powerful energy that comes only Once in a Blue Moon…

This blend began its creation with the 2023 Sturgeon Supermoon on August and completed with Full Blue Supermoon, the biggest, brightest and most powerful supermoon of this year. I consider both August moons were pillars of light anchoring the creation that has supercharged this one of a kind energetic blend.

Blue Moon Augustine holds with it the unique ability to shed old karma, release belief systems that aren’t serving and open to the energy to a brilliant and abundant present moment and future.  Not only does this blend uplift the energetic vibration within and around you, this unique energy facilitates a deep connected to your intuition, imagination and subconscious so when you use it trust your expanded awareness, the signs and synchronicities, the messages within your vivid dreams and your increased psychic abilities.   You are guided and protected.

How to use:

Packaged as a room spray, you can simply spray around your space or place some in bowl in the space you’d like to bless, cleanse and protect. As you spray you can silently or aloud call in your own invocation of divine spirit and hold the intention of what you desire in your heart.

There are unlimited ways to use and you can and should use in any way that aligns with your spiritual practice. Here are some ideas:

  • Balance: Begin your day with balance by spraying in your aura and on hand to dab on crown, third eye and heart chakra
  • Practice: Spray on your yoga mat or meditation mat before and after your practice
  • Healing: During your self healing or healing practice of others. Spray around the body to cleanse your or others aura
  • Offering: Place in a bowl as an offering to your spirit guides and ancestors on your alter
  • Clearing: Use in home or item blessings and clearings
  • Cleansing: Sacred cleansing of crystals, home items, your car
  • Protection: Spray and use as a golden shield from negative energy
  • Positivity: Attract positivity by spraying with your daily positive affirmations
  • Manifestation: Use in manifestation practices (spray on money for abundance, spray on rose quartz crystals for self love, etc)
  • Sleep: Spray in your bedroom and on your bed for peaceful nights sleep
  • Dreams: Place in a bowl next to your bed to experience dream prophecies & remembrance
  • Pets: Bless your pets by spraying on your hand and petting them
  • Emotions: Reduces stress and uplifts emotions by spraying on specific areas of body where you feel uncomfortable emotions (use on belly and feet to ease anxiety or feelings of fear)
  • Connection: Use with the intention to sense your ancestors and passed loved ones
  • Intuition: Use before and during spiritual practice to deepen metaphysical senses
  • Grounding: Spray on bottom of feet and stand barefoot on the earth

***Important note – spray at least 6 feet away from plants and DO NOT spray by lit flame. Do not drink or ingest. Do not spray near or in the eyes.

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