Herkimer & Blue Onyx Bracelet


H E R K I M E R  Q U A R T Z

Element: Spirit

Chakra: All


Herkimer Quartz, often called a diamond due to its faceting and glimmer, is the master in a class of master healers. It goes by the term “Stone of Attunement” said to provide the means to form strong energetic connections to achieve high levels of self awareness and bolster a sense of community. Used in meditation and healing practices, Herkimer Quartz can manifest pure Light and amplify spiritual energy.

B L U E  O N Y X 

Element: Air

Chakra: Throat


If you tend to feel overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, Blue Onyx will give you the strength to carry on with a greater sense of calm and support. With everything going on in our lives, stress is a common reaction, but this stone will keep you grounded and help with maintaining the determination to stay on your chosen path.

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